Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beauty Before the Rain & Wind

Tonight as I was taking Molly "out" I noticed the beautiful blooms on our tulip tree and thought I should get some pictures. I was able to get a close up, one from behind them-showing their color and then the full tree. Just now my sister in St. Louis, Linda, called and said to turn on the weather channel ...they are forecasting severe wind and rain ... which will certainly take care of our beautiful tree. Seems like the weather gets it every year. I'm very thankful we have had it for the past two days.

Molly wants in! Tired of taking pictures of the top of trees!

Surprise Visit with the Sauser Family

Last Wednesday, March 30th, Jay, Tiffany and Riley stopped by to have supper with Tiffany's Mother. Someone told me and I made a B-Line (with camera) to the ROC Cafe to see them. Jay has "buffed up" a bit...sorry still look good, Tiffany is radiant as a new mother and Riley was just precious. She actually let me hold her a bit but clearly wanted family to hold her. What a doll. They didn't bring Eddie but then I didn't have Molly. Oh well...still had a great visit with them. The Family has come back to Kansas City! They are helping with a Midtown church pastored by Adam. Prayers are with you.

Card Making With the Girls

Jessi-GmaK-Jan & Laine

The Bradley Family was out and decided to stop by the "Senior Bradleys" ... needless to say I was needing some ideas for the Card Ministry which was the coming Tuesday. 'Lain & Jessi were more than willing to help. Thank you girls for some good ideas!
Jan helped Jessi pick out some cool flowers for her card.

Finished results! Beautiful! Oh yes, the cards are pretty too. :)