Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Yesterday, January 21st was the birthday for Naomi of my very best and dear friends. She was wished a happy birthday by Skooter and LuLu. They had been to a local nursing home for a program then visited with Naomi and her hubby, Paul. What fun to be able to bring joy to friends and make new ones.

Lunch at the Red Lobster

We enjoyed Lunch at the Red Lobster with Jerry, Angie, Chase, Adam and of course, Mother. Linda was in Cincinnati visiting Sharon. We missed her!

Visit from Annie

The second time Mother was in the "Garden" is because she had broken her foot. Annie, of course, had to come and see her. Here she is with KiKi, her Mother and Aunt (me).

Vaughn, Jeff & Girls

Pumpkin' Carving

The girls did a pretty good job cleaning and carving the pumpkins. We all enjoyed it.

Facepainting Buddies for the Fall Fun Fest

Each year we are asked to do facepainting for the Fall Fun Fest at church. We have about 800 people with their children go thru we were pretty busy. Thank you Amy Treat, Becca Simmons and George Arnone for your talents!

Annual Thanksgiving Picture

Every Thanksgiving we get to have Mother with us. Extra special this year is that Jerry drove her up from St. Louis with Angie and Chase. We had a wonderful time ... even played some dominoes. Thank you Lord for another wonderful year with all our family.

"Birthday Girls"

We used to get together every 10 years (big 30, 40, 50, etc) but when we hit the 60 we thought we had better get together every 5 years. It takes a lot of phone calls to get a time for everyone to meet for lunch but we manage somehow. This birthday was for Joyce Tennyson (I think:) ... we all had a good time

Happy 91st Birthday to Mother

In November Linda and I took Mother to her favorite city ...Branson! We stayed in a beautiful hotel with a view and room service. The very favorite performer for Mother was Daniel O'Donald. After the show, Daniel was out in the lobby to see his fans. Linda wanted to see him close up so she took Mother in the wheel chair and low and behold, Daniel looked her way and went right over to her. He knelt down to her level and talked quite a bit with her. We took several pictures and he said to take another one...this is it. There were about 500 people lined up to see him personally and when he moved to Mother, no one said anything ...but looked pleased for her. Hats off to Daniel O'Donald.

Christmas in St. Louis

What a blessing to be with our family in St. Louis. Sorry about Mother's glasses ...they really shined.

Molly & Friends

Here is our Molly with her favorite "bone" ... In the chair is Holly who lives in St. Louis and Jack who lives in Cincinnati.