Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Sad Day

Yes, my last "Boss" is leaving. Wednesday will be Brett's last day at FBC Raytown as the Student Minister. It seems like an era is gone ... he and Ryan were such a fantastic team. They complimented each other so well. The students loved them unconditionally. I was just beginning to get acquainted with Tyler and Graham. They are amazing children who are a blessing to all. Of course, there is Amy ... the super Mom.
I know their ministry in Augusta (Georgia) will be exciting and awesome. They will certainly be an awesome addition to the staff/team there. May God bless you and your family, Brett, as you seek God's will in Georgia.

Chase's 4th Birthday!

Last Saturday we celeberated the 4th Birthday for Chase. Chase is the son of Angie who is the daughter of Jerry who is my Brother and the son of my precious Mother.

Mother had been home from rehab for one week. She is amazing and doing wonderful! Praising the Lord for His mercy and grace.

Here he is with Aunt Linda. She is the guiding force for the family. She brought the cake, his gift and lots of love and hugs.

Love his new haircut ... short for summer. He seems to like it too which helps.

Robert came too ... Linda's husband ... but avoided the camera. Thank you Uncle Robert for coming to the party. We enjoyed having him too!

Here is PaPa and Judy. Judy was busy from the moment she walked in ... she "volunteered" to fix the phone to say that the mailbox was full ... Mother did not pick up how to find the messages and was frustrating for people who called and left messages. Then she figured out how to put batteries in the Thomas Train that Chase got. Putting batteries in toys is a lot more complicated since some children would swallow them (the batteries)... so that was a good thing. Judy is a blessing to us all.

Of course could not leave out Angie ... the mother of Chase. She has done a good thing with Chase ... taking him to church and teaching him about Jesus. He's enrolled in a Christian School for next Fall. She has had her goals and is meeting them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Waking up this morning I thought of how wonderful of a husband I have been blessed with. Last night he took me to the Mall ... which he tries to avoid like the plague ... and waited for sometime for me to exchange some clothes. This took more time than he thought because I of course, had to try on other clothing. The skies were very gray and angry with anticipated strong storms headed our way. After the Mall he took me to Penny's which took more time, for me to pick out some really nice house dresses for Mother for when she goes home. He was very thoughtful and didn't complain ... too much. Of course we had Molly with us and the ladies in the shop took out the Topsy's popcorn to him...guess he was directly in front of the store waiting! After the popcorn and the lady telling him I may be awhile, he moved.

My prayer today is to remember to build Vaughn up as it says in 1 Thess 5:11 which says ..."So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apparently last Friday there was a great wind in the area. When the steeple was put up ... it was done on Good Friday and when the wind blew some panels off ... it was on Good Friday of this year. We are thankful that no one was hurt. Tonight the wind is pretty strong too. Hopefully it'll be repaired soon. Have to wait for the wind to still.
Easter was a fun day at the "rehab/home" ... Linda had come out later in the day so I have no pictures of her ... she brought Mother an Easter basket from Bissingers. Had a cute dancing and hoppin duck along with some of Bissingers finest chocolate. Jerry came out with Angie and Chase. They brought her an Easter basket too with lots of goodies! Thank you Linda and Angie for the beautiful gifts on this Resurrection Sunday! Easter is the promise that our Saviour lives and has gone to provide a place for us with HIM! Praise the Lord! Pictures are of Chase with his Great Grandmother, PaPa, Mother and Aunt. We sure enjoyed having him with us.

What a blessing it was Good Friday to see Jim and Nancy. Jim was gracious and stopped for a short visit and dinner (thank you Jim). I guess I should apologize for all the hugging and carrying on but it sure was good to receive those hugs from Nancy.

So much has happened since the last blog ... I think it was on Saturday the 27th of March that Lexie and I discovered a new cafe. Cafe Sebastian at the Kemper Contemporary Art Gallery. The food was really fresh and delish. It definitely is one of my favorites. Lex had never been to the Prydes in Old Westport ... I think she enjoyed that too. Then it was by pure accident that we found the Garage Door Coffee Spot where we enjoyed a hot chocolate and chi tea. A fun day with a delightful and beautiful teenager.

After a trip to see Mother as I was leaving my garage, I was greeted by these beautiful miniature red tulips. Thank you Kevin & Sheila for the beautiful greeting at the end of my driveway.