Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun in St. Louis and Kansas City

One weekend in St. Louis, a few months ago, I got to visit with a former student who had graduated college, married, moved to St. Louis and had a baby. This is myself with baby Owen. He was just bathed and smelled so that baby scent. Congrats Katie he is precious!

What a wonderful weekend I had the first weekend in March. Nancy was driving to Columbia and came thru St. Louis. We met then went to Steak n Shake for lunch. Mother came with us. She said Nancy is so cute and happy she got to spend some time with her too...although Mother didn't say anything except Jr. Hamburger and small coke! Nancy and I hugged and giggled like some teenagers. I truly miss her but know she is where the Lord needs her and Jim. May God continue to bless them in Memphis.

These two adorable children are Reese and Abby. Reese likes his picture taken and Abby not so much. I feel lucky I had gotten this one. Reese and Abby are in town with their parents, Becky and Greg, to visit their PaPa Larson. Len has been in the hospital now for about six weeks. The doctors don't know why but he was really, really sick. You can keep up with him on ... for LenLarson. Last week he could not walk at all and now he is making up time. Many, many prayers from all over the world have been flooding Heaven on his behalf. We praise the Lord for his progress and for Debbie's strength.

Getting back to the "kids" ... they were in Pa Pa's room for awhile when I arrived so they were allowed to go with me to look around the hospital ...ended up in the cafe with Slurpee's and chips. They were delightful to be sharp and funny. Thank you Becky & Greg (and Granny) for letting me have them for a short time.