Sunday, June 13, 2010

Symphony in Flint Hills

The day did not begin to well ... monsoon weather! But the will to "do" took over and we sailed down the highway to Bazaar, Kansas! I think the guys got totally soaked loading the car. Sorry guys. You Rock! (PS I think this is the dust storm close to the site rather than the rain-sorry) but it could of been rain!

As you can see, the Hills were beautiful ... we had a soft breeze the evening ... it was a little cloudy but otherwise a beautiful evening to be sitting on the hillside listening to the Kansas City Symphony (KC Missouri) play and watching the cowboys and cattle. Lyle Lovett sang several songs to go along with the environment.

We had as our host (the Symphony was her idea) Debbie & Len. Howard and Cookie along with Vaughn and myself went along I think for laughs. There were a lot of laughs, fun and barbecue. Sunday morning we had breakfast at a little eating establishment in Burlingham ... the cinnamon rolls were awesome!
The crowd had about 5,000 people. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. The only setback ... ok there were two ...the first was the governor of Kansas ... he began this wonderful greeting and welcome to the Flint Hills then began slamming on his Missouri neighbors. Really no call for that sort of behavior. His Mother would of been totally embarrassed with the remarks he made. The other problem was the two hours it took to get out of the parking field (field).
We all survived and I think it would be a nice tradition to open the summer with. Apparently this was the fifth year for the Symphony and they use a different "pasture" each year.