Monday, July 20, 2009

Ok ... the office is always a hoot when Mary shows up ... she had just "taught" manners to the Homeschool Group that meets at the church during the school year. She's a hoot!
PS Vaughn helped make this picture better than the last one! He's so smart! thank you honey!

Can you tell this is my first time doing this? Afraid I scanned this one a little crooked. Mary Manners stopped by our office. Which proves ... you never know who will stop by! Thank you Mary for brightening our day!
Someone said we looked like cotton candy! Nancy and I are working hard to help get camp ready ... we leave this Sunday. Wednesday Nancy leaves for Memphis to attend Jenny Cowart's wedding. Too close to camp for me to go so I'll attend Madison & Stephens wedding Saturday.

We sure have had some good times. I so have enjoyed working with Nancy in the Ministry. God sent her at the right time. She and Jim have truly impacted the lives of many students through the years. They will have a new adventure in Memphis and I'm sure will glorify the Lord. Thank you Nancy! I love ya. kayB

First trip to the office ... Elijah Matthew ... handsome son of Ryan & Sarah Warner. Little Guy had surgery the second day he was born. God is so good and answered them all. He had a smile that makes you feel warm all over ... so sweet. Thank you guys for letting me hold him for awhile.

Try to always have the camera ready with the granddaughters. That's Jessi after a volleyball game with Grandma and of course I had to have a picture with both ... "Lain" & Jessi.

Mother and her favorite cowboy, John Wayne. This was taken at the Western & Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. Mother seems to have a "Mona Lisa" smile. Ummmmm.

What a group! This weekend we planned several trips with Mother. She first went with me on a Mystery Tour. We got on the bus and did not know where we were going. We stopped in Oklahoma City where we had a fun time. For three days we stepped on the bus and did not know where we were going or what we were going to see. We had a fabulous time! The next month (June) Linda took Mother to the Lillac Festival on Mackinac Island. They had a great trip. The last trip for the year will be to Branson and this time we'll take along Aunt Rosie ... Mother's sister. We always have a fun time when we're all together.

The annual Mother's Day Luncheon at Mother's church,
FBC St. Johns. This yer the program was fun as the lady
talked about exercise and keeping your body in good shape.
God is so good and I thank Him every day for the privilege
of having my Precious Mother still with us. We will celebrate
her birthday this year in Branson ... one of her favorite places.

This is just one of the beautiful iris flowers that are in Mother's garden. She is very proud of her flowers. This was taken on Mother's Day.

Nancy and I had the honor to be invited to Tyler's Grandparents Day. We had a lot of fun as she gave us a grand tour of her school. Thank you Tyler for the invitation. We love you.