Monday, August 31, 2009

St. Louis Visit

As always Linda plans a wonderful weekend for us (Mother, Aunt Rosie, Linda and myself). We ate lunch at the Crown Candy Kitchen. Mother and Aunt Rosie ordered "cups" of ice cream and Linda & I split a hot fudge banana split. Very Good!!!

This is a sculpture titled Samarhand. I thought it was beautiful ... just like my Mother! The horse Zenit and the stellated dodecahedron were very unusual.

After lunch we visited the new Citygarden. It's located downtown with a beautiful view of the Arch. Linda took the picture with the Two Rabbits. Linda couldn't resist putting her fist in the nose of Eros Bendato.

This last picture is Aunt Rosie and Mother in front of (I thought Abe Lincoln) but it is really the Scarecrow. We just saw a small bit of the garden ... will go back on another beautiful day. God blessed us with nice weather. I'm still trying to learn this blogging without bothering Vaughn, so please excuse this not being in order. Drives me nuts but then who really cares? I just like the pictures.

The reason I was in St. Louis at all this weekend was to the generosity of my dear, life long friend, Debbie. The aunt of her husband, who lives in St. Louis, had surgery so she wanted to go to be with him and visit the aunt. Not wanting to go it alone she asked me to go with her. In that great big city, the aunt lives just down the street of my sister! Thank you Debbie for letting me ride along. I truly enjoyed it! Trevor was a sweetheart too. (Trevor is the Grandson of Debbie & Len). God has spoiled me with wonderful friends and family.

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